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Saturday 18th April

12:38pm waking up by Classical Jaz

he looked around / where was he? bright yellow flowers, everywhere ... ...

Tuesday 14th April

2:13pm One tooth to go. by A quoi je pense??

Apart from the cute chip earnt when trying to bite a piece out of her grandparents' parquet floor, Aurore has only one m...

Thursday 19th March

8:19am The most hectic month on record, eve... by The librarian's tangents. Blimey it's been a month.

Tuesday 18th February

2:49pm Au Revoir, Wibsite! by View From The Teapot

I have, rather reluctantly, decided to end my relationship with the Wibsite... I've got fed up with not being able to po...

Thursday 16th January

9:43pm Just testing by Wiblog Newsroom

Nothing to see here, move along....

Thursday 9th May

10:31pm Project 365 (Day 129) by Surfing through a sea of unknown

Tomorrow is my flatmates birthday, and we are having a party at the weekend, so I have been doing some baking today. The...

9:04pm 2013 Project365 (Day 129) by Auntie Knows Best

Happy Liberation Day! Today, 9 May, is very important to people from Guernsey as it marks the anniversary of the date...

Tuesday 7th May

2:46pm cross and getting crosser by Loire Lore

I wanted to put some poems together in a group of pages called , funnily enough, 'poems' but all that's happened is I ha...

Monday 6th May

4:17pm Am I turning into my gran?! by Just a phase I'm going through...

A beautiful sunny day beckoned. A Bank Holiday, no less, so no obligations of a Main Job nature. Or even an organist's o...

Sunday 5th May

7:10pm Slow and steady wins the race (I hop... by Unfinished Symphony

We did an hour or two at the allotment today - more digging, and I covered the lines I'd planted with potatoes last week...

5:43pm We have a new Vicar by making an ass of myself

Holy Trinity Huddersfield have announced who or new Vicar is to be. Rev Michael Wilkins, who is currently the curate ...

7:05am of gates and gabions by High Heels and Hardware

They're done, hooray! Had to get another load of rocks delivered today, and we still have some of them leftover (which w...

Sunday 21st April

7:04pm On peut compter sur lui! by Musings

Hello again. Long long time no blog; I'd not realised it's been nearly seven months since I was last here. My blogg...

Thursday 18th April

4:11pm Do it anyway by Mother Teresa by Getting away from the world...

I was introduced to this writing on the first day back after the Easter hols, in a reflection done by one of my colleagu...

Sunday 14th April

7:07pm Beer and Antiques by TreeBee Branches Out

Hook Norton brewery was not too far away so we booked a tour. A small team brew beer the old fashioned hands on way an...

Thursday 4th April

3:04pm Happy Birthday - 10 Years Old by How shall I keep from singing?

Happy Birthday to my Blog which is now 10 years old! I have been blogging about my church and choir almost every week o...

Saturday 9th March

1:41pm Last Post by Journey through the field of life

After I write this the comments will be closed and the password changed by Karl so I don't know what it is. This is my l...

Saturday 2nd March

8:59pm One Year Later... by Fermat's Margin

On Thursday, I was preparing for my first appointment at the Gender Identity Clinic (GIC) and gathering together the pa...

Friday 1st March

11:38am Driving 'long in my car... by Bimbling Along

Well, after my car spent more time at the garage than at home I was finally forced to concede that despite the fact that...

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waking up

he looked around / where was he?

bright yellow flowers, everywhere …

One tooth to go.

14th Apr

Apart from the cute chip earnt when trying to bite a piece out of her grandparents’ parquet floor, Aurore has only one more milk tooth to push out to have her full set of milk-teeth.

Oh! That’s how often I’ve got round to writing! Oops…

I’ve thought of so many things I could share at so many pointless moments. Little one is growing well and too fast and Mr and I are both well, enjoying our work and family life.

The sun has finally thawed the long winter out of our tired bones. Why it has seemed so long, I’m not completely sure, but we are overjoyed we can see the tail end of it.
Lilac in bloom and lilly of the valley sneaking out early in the courtyard… It’s got to be good!

Saved on April 14th, 2015 by


The most hectic month on record, ever.


London. May 12.

Blimey it’s been a month.

Barman versus Wolverine alternative cover. #LSCC #WelcomeToGuildford

Three weeks ago the students and I trekked our way across London, beginning in Camden Market with an exhibition at Chin Chin Labs of the artwork the kids had made in the ice cream banknote brief. Once we’d done that, and a brief art walk around the historic Stables, we dashed to the Apple Store, Regent Street, to take the stage and speak from our vantage point from the intersection between education and tech arts.

Apple Store and Chin Chin labs.

Apple Store and Chin Chin labs.

It was fab, a bit stressful at times, but a lovely day. Once in a while it’d be nice to walk into something where I have a full charge of energy but that never seems to happen.

4k IWB art working = yes. #SMARTboard #DigiFest15

After that? A week after that in fact, we ran a stand at the JISC Digital Festival. THAT was also awesome. Tech art on SMART board and iPad, demoing our skills to a wide array of Universities, companies and more. It was a huge pleasure to be involved in and the students thoroughly enjoyed being treated like they were the custodians of the images made in a brand new world.

Three days after that? I was invited to christen the Google wall on Tottenham Court Road. It was a lot of fun. A limited tool set to say the least but nice to spread out on a very large canvas. May well be in there again on the following two Thursdays, umming and ahhing about what I should do. After that a very lovely tablet art teaching session at the Ben Uri gallery in London, which is always wonderful to be a part of.

Stylus T Frog and the fish eyed Doodlewall.

One day after that…? Oh, just setting up our stand at the London Super Comics Convention.

With apologies to #CharlieAdlard. Riffing on his #LSCC image. #WelcomeToGuildford

Just so we’re clear, not all months are like this. This has been a bit hectic. At times unpleasantly so (especially when one unsupportive voice tried to raise hers above the fab supportive ones). Regardless – how can you say no to the opportunity to have your students treated like stars? It’s been a month of 18 hour days but their Cvs will shine as a result*

Of course you can draw with us, Cinderella. Sit next to Bat Girl and she'll be happy to help.

So… LSCC. Nice quiet weekend? No. Not really. An excellent weekend, just not a quiet one.

Edward and friend. The awesomely good Mr Edward @Paazola Ofosu on #Promethean IWB and #ArtRage a t #LSCC

We’ve done a lot of cons, many at ExCeL which is a venue I’ve grown to really love, and this was BY FAR my favourite. The space was almost a perfect size. Our new signature move (wallpapering the stand) looked fabulous (courtesy of Rosie, Nick and Tallia) and the IWB shone. It shone when the students used it, it shone when I used it. And it SuperNova’d when Mr Charlie (the Walking Dead) Adlard, Mr Edward (horribly talented artist) Ofosu and Mr Bill (Daredevil, Elektra, New Mutants, Stray Toasters, everything) Sienkiewicz used it. Charlie was, genuinely, one of the nicest people I have ever met and, of course, no-one can argue with his accomplishment as an artist. A true gentleman. Edward is fabulous and I’m horribly envious of his innate ability.

The fabulous Mr Bill @SinKEVitch on a #Promethean IWB. #ArtRage.

Bill? He’s one of the super stars of my comics universe. Everyone has their favourites. Mine include Mr Sienkiewicz and have done since… New Mutants? Elektra? Brought to Light? I honestly can’t remember which is the first. Stray Toasters is a genre definer, a beautiful mix of styles, an artistic statement and a fabulous collection of odd thoughts and malicious toast. The second member of staff posted on his facebook that he’d never seen me go full fanboy. I did. Charlie was, and is, wonderful, but I came to his artwork once my love of comics was fully formed. Bill was one of the artists who taught me to love sequential illustrated narrative all those years ago. Shaking his hand was a huge thrill, teaching him to use ArtRage on a Promethean IWB was an extraordinary experience.

Charlie Adlard (The Walking Dead), the Guildford College touch screen art students and a muskart eer. #LSCC #WelcomeToGuildford #Magic

And now? What’s next? Um. Don’t know. I know what I want to do, which requires, as ever as always, a little bit of chasing. But for the moment I’m happy. We pulled off a heck of a show, then another. And then one after that. LSCC were wonderful partners, as were JISC. Eating ice cream at Chin Chins is always lovely and the Apple Store is an icon that I probably should have felt more scared to step onto the stage of. We even managed to take a selfie with Mr Johnny Vegas who was kind enough to stand still with a motley bunch of brilliant kids.

...and then, at the end of the day @JohnnyVegasReal was kind enough to pose for a picture with m y students. Fab day!  #LSCC #WelcomeToGuildford

But the main thanks? As ever – the students. I’m a happy teacher. The kids are more than OK. They’re fab. Nicky Morgan et al may be hell bent on destroying the opportunities of education for the masses but the kids still learn and grow as they ever did while they have the chance. The only difference is that, in my case, I tell them they’ll work stupidly hard in and out of my classes at enrolment and, by golly, they do. We’ve done 14 events this year Most have joined in and, I hope, they’ve learnt a huge amount.

That said: I’m dog tired..

*So far the kids have been residential artists at Eurogamer, BETT, Teentech, Surrey Opps, Teentech London, Surrey Skills, Electric Theatre, Shake Shack, MCM, LSCC, Dell, JISC and a few other places I can’t think of or remember. That;’s not, at all, a bad CV to step out of an A level class with.

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