the wibsite

Some changes and additions

We’ve been hard at work knocking a few of the rough edges and sharp corners off the new Wibsite. In particular we’ve fixed the image uploading problem (have you seen the beginnings of our new help section, with images?) and given you 250mb 500mb of space to save your pictures. You should be able to save a LOT of pictures of cats, tortoises or other animals with that amount of space.

I’ve also just added a dozen or so more themes, here’s a few screenshots from them:

So now you should have no reason for those “I can’t believe she’s wearing the same dress as me!” moments.

There’s lots more in the pipeline, not least of which is completing the help section and working on the main Wibsite website to show more of what’s happening around all the Wiblogs. In the meantime happy blogging, and remember you can ask for help in the boards (or by email or comments here if that’s not working).

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Sorry, that page was not found. It was here last time I looked, I'm sure of it. Oh well, you can try the home page if you want.