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New WibStats

2nd Jan

New year, new statistics. There’s now a completely rewritten statistics package running on your blog. You’ll see the different reports when you go into your admin area. But the reports, great as they are, are just the surface. There’s some REALLY cool stuff you can do which I’ll tell you about soon.

For now, it’s bedtime. Coding really takes it out of one.

Saved on January 2nd, 2010 by chris


2 Responses to “New WibStats”

  1. rain says:

    they’re beautiful!!!!!
    mine were hiding at the last stop on the dashboard (on the left-hand side under ‘settings’). very fancy indeed! you must certainly be exhausted with all those 1′s and 0′s in multiple sequences… THANK YOU Chris!!!!!
    sleep well as we roll into Twenty Ten :)

  2. rosamundi says:

    Have I mentioned lately how brilliant you are?

    I haven’t? How remiss of me.

    Mrwiblog, you’re brilliant. I hope you had a nice sleep with lovely dreams.