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Spam protection

24th Feb

Getting spam? Sorry about that, it’s a fact of (web) life. However you can protect yourself from it. Here’s how.

Log into your Dashboard, you’ll see a message like this:

Click the link and you’ll see a form like this:

In the box enter this code:


Click ‘Update options’ and you should get a message saying your key has been verified. Your blog is now protected from comment spam.

You also get nice stats about the number of spam comments automatically stopped by the system (under the ‘Dashboard’ menu). As ever, let us know if it doesn’t work for you.

Saved on February 24th, 2011 by chris


6 Responses to “Spam protection”

  1. Japes says:

    Thank you… and if you can see this, the ability to leave comments (which had deserted me since doing this) has returned.

  2. Is signing up to this the reason all the comments got b******d? Has been lovely not having spam, less lovely not having comments either! (though they are now starting to return, thanks to your hard work).

  3. ken says:

    I can’t log in at all! When I try from Opera I just get a blank screen. When I try from Firefox I now get the WP-Sentinel Alarm message – it thinks I am tryign to guess the password (presumably because I tried to log in from two places in quick succession):

    “!!! WARNING !!!
    The WP-Sentinel security system, has detected a potential hacker attack against this blog.

    Attack details follow :

    - Variable – WordPress Authentication Stream – of the POST method triggered the filter ‘Authentication Bruteforcing’ for the content ‘ken:prawnlike’.

    A complete and detailed report which includes your details, such as your IP address etc, has just been saved and sent to the administrator of this site.
    If it was a mistake, properly a “false positive”, you do not have nothing to fear as they will be ignored, but if your attack is actually a violation of existing rules on breach of computer systems, hacking and / or theft of copyrighted material, competent authorities will be contacted and provided with all the necessary data to find you.

  4. ken says:

    Except I must be logged in, else I couldn;t post this… but when I try to see the dashboard to approve a comment someone else left I get the warnign above.

    This is irritating

  5. ken says:

    And it works now, from Opera. Weird.

  6. rain says:

    where oh where have our discussion threads gone? they look a bit intimidating & spammy… i wanted to ask, although i realize the computer boffins are terribly busy! ;)