the wibsite


The Wibsite started life in 1999 as ‘Wibblethorpe’s Tasty Nodules’ before becoming ‘’ and then The Wibsite. Using an old computer, several paperclips and a piece of string we added a little bit here, a little bit there and before we knew it we had a site with little bits added on here and there.

It was originally a website for Dave Walker’s cartoons, but the introduction of a bulletin board meant that it began to metamorphisise into more of a community site. We began blogging in 2002 when Chris Taylor built the original Wiblog system. Chris has been the Technical Director since then, ably assisted by Rhys Jones. They are the ones who do all the hard work of keeping the site running.

In April 2005 Dave moved his cartoons to

In November 2008 the new was launched, with the Wiblogs being powered by WordPress. By this time we had 152 blogs registered, although a reasonable proportion were not active. The pre-November ’08 Wibsite is archived here.

At the time of writing we have 97 blogs and 115 users.

If you wish to donate to keep afloat, please use the button below (this uses PayPal). Your donation will be used to buy cubes of cheese with which to feed the monkeys that keep our wheels turning. No cheese, no monkeys. No monkeys, no Wibsite.