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Animals on the Underground

We have a long and proud history of London Underground-related features here at the Wibsite. Here\'s another one.


The Hell Office of Travel and Tourism is the official marketing organization of Hell and

So you want a typeface...

For the graphically-inclined amongst us, this helpful flowchart will simplify the difficult process of choosing that perfect typeface.

And God said unto me...

Found these great cartoons by Christoph Niemann.

Church motivational posters

A selection of motivational posters specially made for churches. And, you can also make your own!

Does the devil have all the best music?

Christian album covers are, it seems, a law unto themselves. This collection proves there\'s still much that is just plain wrong with the church.

Your prayer is important to us

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, today announced the introduction of a new prayer-handling service which he called ‘the most significant overhaul of Christianity’s customer services during its 2000-year history‘. The move follows increased competition between spiritual providers, and industry insiders say the Church of England has been forced to modernise or risk losing praying customers to other religions who are now offering some lucrative posthumous deals to their most fanatical followers.

Have a song inside?

Microsoft, it seems, does have a sense of humour. This is a piece of software which you can sing into and will automatically accompany you in a range of styles.

OfCarol to regulate carol singing

The Isle of Wight has moved swiftly to bring an end to the disorder that has broken out among the island’s carol singing community. Henceforth festive revellers will have to follow a strict code of practice laid down by the official Christmas Carol regulator ‘OfCarol’. (From Newsbiscuit).

London Underground

Ah, the hilarity that would ensue if this map were provided to tourists.