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Adding images and videos

A picture tells a thousand worms, so they say. I’m not sure *what* it tells those thousand worms, but maybe that’s all part of the mystery of life.

Adding pictures to your Wiblog is fun, and only slightly harder than a really easy thing. Just click the ‘Add an image’ button next to the big ‘Visual’ button. A popup window will appear which is quite big, so I’ll show you each bit of it separately. You can then stich it together in your mind in a most clever manner.

Firstly there are three tabs in this window:

The first one says “Choose file” and is where you can choose image files to upload. We’ll look at the other two a little later.

The first way to choose files is to use the Flash uploader. This allows you to select multiple images and upload them all at once. Brilliant!

When they are uploading you get a nice message for each file which says “Crunching” and then you can see a little thumbnail for each one:

Once they’ve all uploaded you can click the “Show” link for an image and change the details (more on that in a minute). You can also choose “Inset gallery into post” which will put all these images into your post. This is really easy, but does mean you can’t choose how to lay out the images.

OK, so you want to change an image a bit before putting it in your post. No problem. Just click the “Show” link and the following form will appear:

This is quite complicated, but the important bit is down the bottom:

Choose how you want to align your image (left, center, right – these will flow your text around the image most pleasingly IF your theme supports this, not all do). Then choose the size of image you want to show (the system automatically creates a thumbnail and medium sized version of all images). Then click “Insert into post” and you’re done!

Some other things to note. Firstly if the Flash uploader doesn’t work for you try the browser uploader which works much the same but isn’t quite as swish.

The other tabs in thiis window (Gallery and Media Library) show you:

  • Gallery: all images you’ve uploaded for this post
  • Media Library: all images you’ve uploaded EVEEEERRRRRR


You can also now add videos into your posts.  There is a row of buttons below the main editor toolbar, as shown below:

If you want to add a video from YouTube, just click the YouTube button and a little window like this will pop up:

Just enter the link to the page the video appears on and click ‘OK’. It’s pretty much the same with the other video services. This will insert some text into your post that looks a bit like this:


Don’t delete or amend that or your video won’t work!

Have fun!