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Managing comments

Commenting is good and fun. Let’s all try it. By default your Wiblog visitors can leave comments on your posts. But they won’t show up until they are moderated, and this is where you need to know a little bit about managing your comments.

Firstly, by default (by the way, whenever I say “by default” it normally means you can change this setting) you get notified by email of new comments – ones to moderate and ones that have been published immediately. Clicking the ‘Approve’ link in the email will approve a comment and publish it. Click the other links will do something different.

You can see all the comments you’ve got in the ‘Comments’ bit of your Dashboard. It even pops up a little red flag showing how many comments you have awaiting approval. In there you can approve, delete and mark comments as spam. You can even edit comments before approving them.

Once a comment has been approved any future comments by the same person (i.e. the same email address that they type in) will be automatically approved. So you just need to approve someone the first time the leave a comment if you trust them.

If you won’t want people to be able to comment on a particular post, scroll down to the “Advanced options” bit below the post editor and uncheck the “Allow comments” box in “Comments & Pings” (then save the post, obviously).

You can also stop people comments on ANY of your posts by going to the “Settings” area (right side of the Dashbard menu) and then going into “Discussion” and unchecking the “Allow people to post comments on the article” box.