the wibsite

Writing a post

Obviously you want to write something on your Wiblog. No problem, we can handle that. Once you’ve logged in to your Wiblog click the ‘Write new post’ link:

You can then enter the title and text for your post. The editor has a very clever WYSIWYG thingy on it so you can easily add headings, quotes, lists and lots more. For those clever HTML-boffins there’s even an HTML mode so you can enter your code directly.

I talk about adding images over here.

And that’s it, if you want it to be. Just click the ‘Publish button and your post will be live. But there’s more, oh so much more.

Next to the Publish button is a button called ‘Save’. By clicking this you can save your post and come back later to finish it. Yes, we do drafts.

You may also want to add links. That’s dead easy as well. Just highlight the¬†words you want to be a link and click the ‘Link’ icon in the editor toolbar (it’s just after the ‘Align right’ icon).

You’ll see a little window like this pop up:

Just type (or paste) the link you want into the “Link URL” box and click “Insert”. Don’t worry about the other options, they are for people cleverer than us. Your text will now look like this:

You can click on the link text which is now blue to Unlink (that button is shown above), or click the “Insert/edit link” button to change the link.

You can also add tags to your post. Tags are words that are related to what the post is about. For example, I could tag some posts “Chocolate” and then people could find all my chocolate-related posts.

Categories are a lot like tags, but different. I suppose categories are a bit more formal, and they can also be nested (i.e. the category “chocolate” could be under the category “requirements” which could be under the category “life”). Do you see a pattern emerging for my interests?

Just one more thing, as Columbo would say. You can write a post and set it to be published in the future by editing the “Publish immediately” thingymajig. Just click the “Edit” link above the publish button and change the date and time for the post to be published on (then click ‘Publish’). It will be hidden until that date and time.

There are LOTS more options available, but this should be enough to get you started.